List of top online casinos in Japan

There is a dizzying amount of online gambling sites in Japan, but not all have been thoroughly investigated. There are plenty that are licensed to take part in gambling operations for entertainment purposes only. Others will have restrictions on how much money can be gambled and times when gambling is not allowed such as during work hours. This article provides a list of all the casinos from Japan, whether or not they are licensed to operate within the country, and their contact information so players may familiarize themselves with the most reputable betting sites in the region

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Online casinos operate under a license provided by the Japanese Casino and Gaming Regulation Act. All online gambling sites operating within the country will be regulated accordingly.

The Japanese Gaming Law states that casinos must only accept bets on sports events, which is why all sites are limited to sports betting only. The websites can send out alerts telling players when their wagers are complete, but this is not mandatory. When a player is sitting empty-handed, it means that the online casino has not yet collected the winnings from either party. In such cases, the site will keep 10% of the funds collected as its fee for maintenance services. This will mean that players will actually lose money if they use the site frequently.

Online Casinos in Japan Rules

Games with a high level of volatility are also not allowed on Japanese gambling sites, which means most of the games that are offered are very safe and predictable. While there is no law against poker being allowed, all the sites have agreements with PokerStars and Full Tilt Online Poker, which is why all jurisdictions regulated players will have access to these games.

All of the casinos listed below will require players to be over 18 years of age. Some may even ask for proof of ID before allowing a player to deposit or withdraw money.

Mobile Casinos in Japan

Both online casinos and mobile casinos have come under heavy fire in recent years due to the influx of dishonest operators taking advantage of vulnerable players. With that said, there is a wide selection of sites accepting players from Japan, but as with many other jurisdictions, some are more reputable than others. This article provides a list for anyone looking for credible gambling options available in the region.


This gambling site has been around for over 20 years and is a trusted brand in the industry. The casino has more than 500 games in its library, including some pretty good slots. Downloading the software will give players access to a range of games they can play on their mobile devices. The betting limits are fairly low, meaning that players should be able to wager as much money as they want with ease.

Not only is this site available in Japanese, but it also accepts players from all global regions. There is even an easy-to-use Japanese version, which makes playing with the site all the more convenient for Japanese players.

  1. VERA & JOHN Casinos

This Swedish-based casino is one of the most popular destinations for Japanese players. Vera & John accept bets in a wide range of currencies, including JPY, which is why they attract so many players from Japan and other parts of the world. The site has hundreds of games to choose from and plenty of generous bonuses that are sure to delight Japanese players.


This mobile casino has been around since 2017 and has plenty of great games to offer online. This operator has more than 500 slots in its catalogue and they all come with beautiful images, excellent gameplay, and lots of excitement.

  1. MYSTINO Casino

Mystino Casino is one of the best in Japan and also one of the biggest. There are high betting limits, which means players will be able to make some pretty large wagers before hitting any kind of ceiling. The games are fun and exciting, which is why so many players still play at the site after all these years.

  1. バカラ・ボードゲーム・ランプオン・ジャパン

With more than 900 fantastic games in its inventory, this casino has an excellent selection that no punter will soon forget.


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